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Selin Koç, an entrepreneur who has dreamed of transferring the lifestyle that facilitates everyday life and combines elegance and functionality to her drawings and designs.

Reaching of esthetic, observer and  the mindful point of view from a fashion designer grandmother to a designer grandchild through the transfer of genetic codes  develops  a fluid story through the leather, the point of origin has been transferred  from functionality of the bag to its elegance.


Being a succefull designer of her elders generation  has shed light to the the realization of this breakthrough.

The leadership of fashion designing which began in the 1950s with her grandmother  today continues with the grandchildren.

As a granddaughter of the grandmother  who appeared in the press and books by showing the courage to open a fashion house  although it is not easy being a female entrepreneur in those years, with the same perfectionist understanding and aim of sustainability, our company continues on its path via brand MINUS.

In fact, this curiosity and interest,with the dream in designing cities  began  in Bilkent University department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture and continued in discovering different fields for using this design capabity after graduation. With entrepreneur, observer and mindfull point of view starting in her childhood, she has decided to carry short cut Works and sustainable excellence perception to fashion  in order to every planned job to be perfect, fuctional, fashionable and to be completed in optimum time and has created her own brand.


MINUS is not just a brand, it also carries the meaning of capturing the simple in the life while detracting something from the chaos. So as the name implies MINUS,  fashion-adapted functionality aims to make people's lives easier and save on everyday energy usage. That's why our designs aim to focus on the simple and away from the clutter.

The leathers used in our bags calfskin and is specially produced. Our craftsmen who work in the workshop where hand-made manufacturing is made, with 20 years of experience, weave their mastery on every model with pleasure.

In this collection, joel, kely and lulu models are studied and small, miniature models are offered in accordance with the motto "wear miniature". Each model has a different meaning and mission and is explained in the product section.

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